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Meraki Inventory List

This data in this page is updated weekly.

All Cisco Meraki items sold in Europe, Middle East and Africa come from the same warehouse in the Netherlands.

Accredited Meraki Partners are not allowed to keep stock, we order from the warehouse for each order, shipped direct to the customer.

If an item is not available, no legitimate** stock will be available from elsewhere.

PLEASE NOTE There is a global shortage of semiconductors currently which is impacting manufacturing of many devices. See .

Cisco boss: Semiconductor shortage ‘is a big problem’

The boss of networking giant Cisco has said the shortage of computer chips is set to last for most of this year [2021]. Cisco chief Chuck Robbins told the BBC the shortage was a “big problem”.
‘We think we’ve got another six months to get through the short term’, he added, but said he expected things to improve over the next 12-18 months’ [from April 2021].”

This table shows only the items with limited inventory at the Cisco Meraki warehouse in The Netherlands.

Anything that’s NOT included in the below table can be assumed to be in stock at the moment. (We filtered those out). Blanks means unknown lead time. “999 days”  means that Cisco are unsure, but DOES NOT MEAN 3 years. Check again in a week.

Work with us to determine a suitable alternative part if the lead time is too long for you. We also have some loan equipment which might help bridge a gap.

Table updated: 19 Oct 2021 from source dated 18 Oct 2021

SKU estimated_lead_time_in_calendar_days_if_ordered_this_week
GA-MNT-CLG-1 unknown
GA-MNT-GR-1 unknown
GA-MNT-GR-2 unknown
GA-MNT-MID-1 unknown
GA-PWR-12W-US unknown
GA-PWR-50WAC unknown
GA-PWR-90WAC unknown
GA-PWR-CORD-EU unknown
GA-PWR-CORD-UK unknown
GA-PWR-CORD-US unknown
GS110-24P-HW-UK 999
GS110-48-HW-UK unknown
GS110-48P-HW-EU 999
GS110-48P-HW-UK 999
GS110-8-HW-EU 999
MA-ANT-3-D6 unknown
MA-ANT-3-E6 999
MA-ANT-3-F6 999
MA-CBL-40G-1M 999
MA-FAN-16K2 unknown
MA-INJ-4-AU unknown
MA-INJ-4-CN unknown
MA-INJ-5-AU unknown
MA-INJ-5-CN unknown
MA-INJ-5-EU 999
MA-INJ-5-US unknown
MA-MNT-ANT-5 unknown
MA-MNT-MID-1 unknown
MA-MNT-MR-1 unknown
MA-MNT-MR-13 unknown
MA-MNT-MR-3 unknown
MA-MNT-MV-2 unknown
MA-MNT-MV-30 5
MA-MOD-4X10G 90
MA-PWR-18W unknown
MA-PWR-30W-AU unknown
MA-PWR-30W-CN unknown
MA-PWR-30W-US unknown
MA-PWR-90WAC 999
MA-PWR-CORD-AR unknown
MA-PWR-CORD-BR unknown
MA-PWR-CORD-IN unknown
MA-PWR-CORD-JP unknown
MA-PWR-USB-JP unknown
MA-QSFP-100G-LR4 unknown
MA-QSFP-100G-SR4 unknown
MA-RCKMNT-KIT-1 unknown
MA-SFP-10GB-ER unknown
MA-SFP-10GB-ZR unknown
MA-STND-1 30
MA-UMNT-MR-A3 unknown
MG21-HW-WW 999
MG41E-HW 17
MR36-HW 999
MR44-HW 54
MR46E-HW 24
MR46-HW 999
MR56-HW 10
MR76-HW 999
MR86-HW 999
MS120-24P-HW 999
MS120-48FP-HW 999
MS120-8LP-HW 15
MS125-24P-HW 9
MS125-48FP-HW 52
MS210-24P-HW 999
MS210-48FP-HW 31
MS210-48LP-HW 31
MS225-24P-HW 3
MS225-48LP-HW 999
MS350-48LP-HW 20
MS355-48X-HW 15
MS390-24-HW 999
MS390-24P-HW 999
MS390-48P-HW 999
MS390-48U-HW 999
MS390-48UX2-HW 999
MS390-48UX-HW 999
MV12N-HW 999
MV12W-HW 30
MV22X-HW 999
MV72X-HW 40
MX250-HW 10
MX450-HW 12
MX64W-HW 999
MX67C-HW-WW 999
MX68CW-HW-WW 999
MX68W-HW 999
MX75-HW 999
Z3-HW 999

NB, nobody keeps legitimate** Cisco Meraki stock except Cisco*. Don’t waste your time phoning other suppliers, unless this file is more than a week out of date, in which case, please let us know using the ‘Report a Problem’ button below.

**not legitimate means stock that isn’t genuine Cisco, or which has already been sold to a customer, and if it is re-sold to you, you will not benefit from the full support and warranty.

*Does not apply to Meraki Go which is stocked by UK distribution. But there are lead times on some Meraki Go kit now as well.

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