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Me and Meraki, or A Geek’s Love Story

Love at First Sight

A few years ago, when I was running another technology company, one of my engineers excitedly asked me if I’d heard of Meraki. I hadn’t. He wanted to use it for one of our clients. After a quick explanation and a demo from him, I agreed that this seemed an excellent idea. A few days later the first equipment arrived. I believe it was a MR32 wireless access point.

For a start, I was struck by how beautiful it looked. Smooth curves and sharp lines. Supplied with its own wall/ceiling plate, which incorporated a spirit level and a locking screw. Most of the gear we used to see coming through was not nearly as well-designed externally as this. But Meraki wasn’t only about good looks. Far from it.

A Deepening Relationship

I soon learned that you could take the MR32 out of its box, plug it into a network, and a couple of minutes later it showed up in the Meraki cloud Dashboard where it could be completely configured. Adding a second wi-fi point to the organisation was just as easy, and whatever SSIDs (wifi networks) had been set up on the first were just picked up by the second. Not only that, but there was an astonishing wealth of data collected and diagnostics available all the time in the dashboard, such as client lists, neighbouring SSIDs, heatmap and detailed usage data.

Constant Care

My enthusiastic engineer also told me that if a piece of hardware fails, you can get an advance replacement from Meraki, add it to the organisation, and it will be able to pick up the entire configuration of the failed gear.
All the gear is supported directly by Cisco, with lifetime warranty included.
I was hooked.


Only the Best

We started the company in 2016, mainly as a platform for providing really great business-grade internet connections in Oxfordshire. When two clients needed security and wireless and switching, I immediately turned to the Cisco Meraki equipment, vowing that, if the company was going to offer hardware, we would only provide the best – and that, for us, was Meraki.

This store is the logical progression. It is a store dedicated to Cisco Meraki and will only sell Meraki hardware and licenses. We also hope that we can provide the best pricing in the UK for some of the best and easiest to manage wi-fi, security, switching products available. Each order will be fulfilled direct by Meraki themselves.

You can learn more about Meraki from the Why Meraki page. We hope you’ll agree with our view and take advantage of the store to research the equipment, ask for advice, organise a free trial of Meraki for your business, get a demo, a quote or maybe just go ahead and buy.


Mark Salisbury, Director.



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