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Coronavirus Impact

The store is operating normally except for these points:

Exchange rate fluctuations:

The USD exchage rate is fluctuationg by more than normal in a day. Therefore you might place an order based on this morning’s pricing, and it is no longer viable.

Quotes may no longer be valid for 7 days, but instead until the exchange rate moves by 1% (or 7 days, whichever is sooner).


Delivery addresses in EU:

Please note due to restrictions imposed by EU governments to limit the spread of COVID-19, and various local responses and conditions, the delivery and collection of shipments may be subject to additional delay. On the whole this is not now proving a serious issue, but please allow a little extra time for your package to arrive. Cisco Meraki packages are shipped via UPS in UK and EU.


Please note that we can take payments and charge in EURO (and USD) and that you can shop VAT-free if you are a VAT-registered business in the EU. You will need to make contact to arrange this, but is’s quite easy. We have a NL VAT number which means we can charge 0% VAT to all EU VAT-registered businesses (outside NL). EU consumers will pay 21% NL VAT.

Stock levels:

Some items are unavailable due to high demand, and shortage of components. These are listed on this page.

UK Deliveries and Brexit Impact:

The Brexit Impact to UK deliveries has now been solved, in our opinion. Deliveries to UK are now at normal Cisco SLA levels.



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We can email you a quote same day, but it might take a couple of days to confirm the details. We WILL need the details of the end user of the purchase if that isn't you. We won't contact them, though!

So if you have the time, you might want to ask MerakiStore for a quote instead of checking out today.

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