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GX Security Settings

Each Meraki Go GX Security Gateway has an optional Security Subscription that can be purchased, powered by Cisco Umbrella. When this subsciption is purchased and applied, your Meraki Go GX Security Gateway can be enabled to use DNS based security measures to block certain types of traffic from your network.

What does it provide on top of the security already in the Meraki Go Security Gateway?

  • Automatically reviews and blocks malicious sites
  • Protects against attempts which could allow your network to be hacked
  • Anti-phising
  • Anti-malware
  • Prevents hacker command & control communications (‘C2 Callbacks’)
  • Single-tap Security Configuration


The above functionality is based on Cisco Umbrella which is cloud-delivered enterprise network security which provides users with a first line of defense against cyber security threats.

Additional information

Licence length

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Blocked Traffic Types

Blocked Traffic Types


  • Block access to websites and domains known to host malware. Malware is malicious software that is meant to cause harm to your device, such as a virus or worm.


  • Block access to websites and domains known to host phishing attacks. Phishing schemes are websites that are designed to steal personal information, often times mimicking a legitimate website


Content Filtering
  • Block access to websites that fall under the following categories:
    Adware, Alcohol, Dating, Drugs, Gambling, German Youth Protection, Hate/Discrimination, Internet Watch Foundation, Lingerie/Bikini, Nudity, Pornography, Proxy/Anonymizer, Sexuality, Tasteless, Terrorism, Weapons


Command & Control Callbacks
  • Prevent infected devices from communicating with attackers’ remote commands while the device is using your network. These are websites that are often used to control infected devices that are part of a botnet


Security Events
  • Any time your security settings block something on your network, it will generate a Security Event. These events are viewable either from the home screen, or on the client details screen.
Security Overview


When security events have occurred, you can see an overview of them on the home screen, showing the total number events for the given time frame, as well as devices on your network that have generated a high number of events.

Blocked Requests List


Clicking on the number of security events generated will bring you to list of the blocked requests. From here, you can see a list of all of the individual events, as well as which clients generated. Clicking on an event will bring you to its details.

Blocked Request Details

Looking at a security event provides you with information related to the client that generated it, and the event itself. You can view things like which URL was browsed to that subsequently got blocked (and generated this event), what time it occurred, and which device generated the event.

Guest Network Events

In some situation, such as if you have a Guest Network configured, and a client connected to that network generates some sort of security event, details of that event will be missing. In a situation like this, the security event will show which Meraki Go Access Point the client was connected to, and what URL generated the event.


Client Security Events

You can also view the security events for a specific client device by browsing to its device details page, and then scrolling own to the Security Events section. This will show you the events just for this specific client. 


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