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Meraki MT20 Cloud-managed Indoor Open/Close Sensor

Genuine Cisco Meraki Product

Indoor Indoor Open/Close Sensor

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Meraki Sensor License (for MT Sensors)


Meraki SensorLicense 1-10Y

For Meraki MT Cloud-Managed Sensors

Experience the Benefits of Cloud Management




The MT20 open/close sensor detects intrusions, protecting access to critical infrastructure or assets.


Managing security and monitoring access for physical spaces has always been an important consideration for organizations. By tracking changes in the physical environment, businesses can minimize vulnerabilities, prevent disruptions, and ensure stronger security.

The MT20, part of the Meraki MT sensor family, provides insight into access to the physical environment. Using magnetic fields to determine positioning, MT20 can detect when doors are opened or closed, allowing organizations to detect intrusions and understand usage trends.

Simple sensors.
Powerful Meraki platform.

The MT20 sensors are quick and easy to set up and can be installed on doors, gates, cabinets and more. Once powered on, MT20 sensors automatically connect via Bluetooth to Meraki MR access points or MV smart cameras, eliminating the need for a separate gateway. Powered by the Meraki platform, MT20 sensors provide real-time monitoring and alerting, allowing organizations to detect intrusions and understand access and usage trends.

Whether it’s knowing when someone enters a restricted area, keeping track of doors left ajar, or simply understanding how many individuals enter through a back entrance, the MT20 sensor provides the visibility and data to better support business decision-making across the board.

Product Highlights

  • Simple to set up and deploy; scales easily
  • Tamper detection reporting
  • Automatically connects to MR/MV devices in the network
  • Cloud-managed, bringing the magic of the Meraki platform to the IoT sensor world
  • Meraki cloud dashboard eliminates the need for on-premises servers
  • Modern mobile app for on-the-go monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Flexible alerting with email, SMS, and push notifications
  • Wireless connectivity using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Trust Anchor module (TAm) securely authenticates the device and encrypts all communications
  • Five-year battery life with two (2) user-replaceable AA batteries
  • Advanced telemetry data for smarter decision-making
  • APIs and webhook alerts for third-party alerting and data analysis
  • Vast ecosystem partner community building apps on top of the Meraki platform


Additional information

Meraki Sensor License (for MT Sensors)

Licence length

1yr, 3yr, 5yr, 7yr, 10yr, No License Ordered


Open/Close sensor
  • Intrusion detection using magnetic field via a Hall-effect sensor
Data logging
  • Data Polling Frequency
    • Every 20 minutes, or immediately upon state change
  • Onboard data storage
    • 4,000 data points (5 days of data at the default sampling rate)
  • BLE messages encrypted and authenticated using Cisco Trust Anchor technology
Wireless capabilities
  • Bluetooth only via MV/MR as gateway
    • Compatible with second-generation MV smart cameras and Wi-Fi 6 MR access points
  • Operating frequency
    • 2.400–2.4835 GHz
  • IEEE standard
    • 802.15.1 (Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy BLE)
Operating environment
  • Temperature: 0°C – 55°C (32F° – 131F°)
  • Relative humidity: 0-95%
Physical characteristics
  • Dimensions
    • Main device: 81.2mm x 39.7mm x 19.5mm (length x width x height)
    • Magnet cover: 59.5mm x 12mm x 13.35mm (length x width x height)
  • Battery compartment
  • Multicolor, multifunction status LED
  • General purpose button
  • Reset button
  • Three-year hardware warranty with advanced replacement
Ordering information
  • MT20-HW
    • Meraki MT20 Indoor Door Open/Close Sensor
    • Meraki MT Enterprise License and Support (X = 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 years)
In the box
  • MT20-HW and magnet with cover
  • Quick-start & installation guide
  • AA batteries (x2)
  • Mounting equipment
    • 3M tape for main device
    • 3M tape for magnet cover
    • Mounting screws (x4)
    • Drywall anchors (x4)
    • Torx allen wrench

In The Box

  • MT20-HW and magnet with cover
  • Quick-start & installation guide
  • AA batteries (x2)
  • Mounting equipment:
    • 3M tape for main device
    • 3M tape for magnet cover
    • Mounting screws (x4)
    • Drywall anchors (x4)
    • Torx allen wrench

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