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3 Ways to try Cisco Meraki for free

Request trial gear

Try any Cisco Meraki products on your network free of charge. Meraki will ship the gear and provide technical support to get you set up. There is zero risk—if Meraki isn’t right for you, Meraki will arrange to collect the gear at no cost to you. Maybe you need to test how many MR Wireless Access Points you will really need.
To take advantage of this offer, populate a cart with the products you want to try, and click ‘Request Trial. You’ll be contacted to arrange your free 14 day trial for real on your own network.

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Receive a free Wireless Access Point by attending a webinar

See live demonstrations and ask questions from Cisco Meraki experts at Cisco Meraki webinars. Qualified IT professionals receive a complimentary Meraki access point.

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Start Instant Demo

Want to see what all the fuss is about Cloud Management? Test drive and experience the power of Meraki cloud management. Test drive the Cisco Meraki management platform from your browser. Simulated network devices and users enable you to experience the power of cloud management in seconds.

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It looks like your shopping cart is worth enough to Cisco that we can get a discount for your order.

That might be worth about 7% to you.

We can get this discount by registering the deal. The conditions are:

1- nobody else has registered the same (or a similar) deal for the same end user, and
2- the basket is worth at least US$5000 Cisco list price. We don't charge Cisco List price: if the MerakiStore total is about £2500 +VAT, that's probably about $5000 Cisco list.

Deal registration takes 3-4 days, so if you have the time, and if another CIsco partner hasn't already registered the deal, you might want to ask for a quote instead of checking out now.