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The Meraki Insight product is designed to give Meraki customers an easy way to monitor the performance of Web Applications on their networks and easily identify if any issues are likely being caused by the Network or the Application. This information is presented in a series of easy to understand graphs and charts that can clearly show if performance issues are being introduced within the local network or if performance issues are the result of something at the Application or WAN level.  

All Meraki Insight product functionality will remain active and now be included under the upgraded SD-WAN Plus and Per-device SD-WAN Plus licenses.

Before July 26, 2024

The Meraki Insight license will still be available for purchase prior to July 26, 2024. New customers intending to utilize Meraki Insight (MI) functionality are recommended to instead purchase the SD-WAN Plus or Per-device SD-WAN Plus licenses, available via the co-term model. For existing customers, MI product functionality will not change for the duration of their license. If an existing customer’s license expires before July 26, 2024, the recommendation is that they should purchase SD-WAN Plus or per-device SD-WAN Plus licenses.

After July 26, 2024

The Meraki Insight license will no longer be available for purchase after July 26, 2024. New customers and existing customers have the option to purchase SD-WAN Plus or Per-device SD-WAN Plus licenses via the co-term model to utilize MI product functionality. For existing customers, MI product functionality will continue to function until the expiration of their current license. After license expiration, the MI product functionality will only be available on the SD-WAN Plus or Per-device SD-WAN Plus licenses.

Meraki Insight is currently only supported on MX series devices.

Meraki Insight requires the MX to be running a minimum firmware build of MX 14.20 or greater (14.21 or higher is recommended). Please refer to our Managing Firmware Upgrades article for more information about upgrading firmware.

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