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Low voltage 12VDC/24VAC input PoE injector for MV cameras

Genuine Cisco Meraki Product

co-ax converter

This unique accessory converts existing low voltage (12VDC/24VAC) power supplies into PoE.

Allows users to upgrade from analog video to IP


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This unique accessory converts existing low voltage (12VDC/24VAC) power supplies into PoE, allowing users to upgrade from analog to IP in just one installation step. Two wire cables can be disconnected from an analog camera and connected to the two terminals within the accessory in either order. The coaxial cable from the analog camera can simply be left in the wall and will no longer be used. Instead, video data will transmit wirelessly from the camera to the viewing computer (local connection) or through the Meraki cloud (for video proxy to a remote viewing device).


Though the primary recommended mode of power and data transmission for MV is hardwired Ethernet when possible, MV cameras (MV12 [2018] and later) are able to act as wireless clients, providing a second option for the wireless transmission of video data.Coupled with the Meraki MV low voltage power converter, MV provides a more affordable alternative to deployments requiring re-cabling that might otherwise be cost-prohibitive. Simply configure wireless settings in the Meraki dashboard, connect the cameras to the LAN for configuration download, and then mount cameras, connected to power, within range of an access point. The wireless functionality on MV works with any brand of wireless access point.

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Weight 0.31 kg
Dimensions 10.36 × 10.36 × 6.77 cm

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